If you haven’t had to make a substantial move in years or it’s your first time away from the nest, you might have too much on your mind to get everything started on the right foot. First and foremost, the organization plays a vital part in the entire process, but your moving company should be able to guide you in the right direction. Everyone makes mistakes, big or small, but seeing the most commonly made errors should help you keep everything in line for an effective relocation.

Over Packing Boxes

Just because you’ve got enormous boxes from the store doesn’t mean that they should be filled to the brim with items. Think about when it comes time to move these boxes into a truck, and then back out into your new place. That one box with all your dishes and small kitchen accessories is going to be a pain to transport back and forth.

Last Minute Planning

There are few instances in life where procrastination will still be successful, but with moving your entire home to your new location isn’t one of those times. We’re sure that more adventures in the future will require a last-minute packed bag to get your adrenaline going, but all of your belongings will have to make this vital trip. Picking everything up and moving isn’t the way to go.

Slacking on Your Research

The least you can do before deciding on your preferred moving company is checking out the local businesses and making sure that they know exactly what they’re doing. Aside from that, if you need specific amenities like car transportation, cleaning services, or packing/unpacking services, keep your eyes peeled for those perks.

Ask as many questions as you can to clarify your needs are being met with your chosen movers. You should be able to reference their licensing, inquire about insurance, and any other small discrepancies that you’ll have to see for peace of mind. For more information on how Aragon Movers can help you out with your next move, residential or commercial, give us a call at (877)921-5678.