International moving can be tedious, stressful, and time-consuming if you don’t have the proper checklist to abide by. Before you start packing up and shipping off, make sure you’ve planned. To help you have a successful move, we’ve gathered a few guidelines that we think will make the transition go much smoother.

  1. international moving checklistFind a Reputable International Moving Company – Look for a registered, fully insured and bonded moving agency. Low quotes may have hidden charges that’ll pop up and frustrate you down the line. Inquiry about free international quotations from various moving agencies for accurate comparison.
  2. Sort out Timeframe and Pickup Details – You should fix a budget, date, and location of your move in advance and sort out all the nitty-gritty specifics.
  3. Separate Items for the Move – In most countries, you won’t be allowed to take perishable and flammable items with you so sort them out accordingly. Also, you should skim through your belongings and pick things that are only necessary; it’ll help you reduce your move costs. You could sell unwanted items through a garage sale and online platforms or donate them to a non-profit organization.
  4. Order Your Moving Supplies – After creating a separate packing inventory of each room, you should order your moving supplies well before your moving date. For the reduced cost in this, you can directly purchase the items from your moving company, if available. Otherwise, look to your local wholesale store for bulk items.
  5. Get Immunizations – For an international move, immunization might be mandatory for you and your pet. Therefore, you should check the details for this and consult your doctor or vet to help you with this process. You might need travel shots from your local health care provider.
  6. Research Local Laws – You should understand the laws about tax, property, business, etc. of your destination country to avoid any inconvenience with the authorities. You will be required to list down any unusual items that you will be bringing along with yourself.

Lastly, it’s imperative that you give yourself plenty of time for packing as it is a time-consuming job. By preparing well in advance for your international move, you’ll be sure that everything happens smoothly. Above all else, enjoy the process. Yes, there are a lot of moving parts during this change in your life, but having a little fun never hurt anyone! We encourage our customers to trust us with their belongings because we have the expertise and experience to handle it accordingly. For more information on our services, please contact us today at (305) 509-6488.