Search for Leases Ahead of Time

When it comes time to search for another place to move your office into, there may be maintenance and installation work that needs to be done beforehand. Phone lines, internet, electricity, plumbing, etc. will take a few weeks, even months to complete, so being the hunt around 6 months before the expected move-in date.

Purge Your Current Space

As your company outgrows the current space you occupy, you may not need everything from the old space. Starting fresh can really boost the morale of your employees and allow for more organizational potential with purchasing new furniture and storage. One thing to keep in mind is that the less items you have may make a substantial difference in the cost of the move. If the change of scenery sparks a new direction for the office, then furnish accordingly with new pieces!

Request an Estimate Several Months Before

The benefit of having an estimate well in advance is that the company will have more than enough time to save up the money to pay for all the expenses. Offices have more logistics involved with moving everything because they have more equipment like faxing and printing machines, desks, chairs, etc. The final estimate price will include any other tasks that may need to be done to successful complete the transition.

Check Off a Few Things

With so many moving parts throughout this whole process, it can be tricky to keep track of everything that’s moving along with the company during the transition. You want to account for every item from the beginning stages through to the end. Taking inventory of what you have in the current space will give you an accurate idea of what you’ll need to make everything run smoothly.

Account for the Following:

  • Boxes Varied in Size
  • Tape/Applicator
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Permanent Markers
  • Measurements of the New Layout

Aside from these items listed, once you’ve settled on a time and date for the process, make sure to reserve the elevator or any type of access that won’t interrupt everything.