Planning an international move is a real challenge. Moving abroad requires a different type of planning and preparation than your local or long-distance move. It can take quite some time to consider all the things before you start your international move. Proper documentation, requirements to clear customs, and checking in to a decent hotel are some of the challenges you have to face during preparation.

Before all of this, you will have to find a top-notch international moving company to handle your move. If you are new to the global moving process, ask them these questions before you sign the contract. Asking the right questions to your international moving company will ensure that your move is pulled off smoothly and without incident.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Not every international moving company is reliable and trustworthy despite what they claim. Before you sign the contract, ask them about their background and experience in the moving industry. It is advisable to hire a company who has plenty of experience in handling international moves.  Make sure your moving company is legitimate and licensed to conduct this process. Ask them what kind of insurance they have in case some damage occurs. This will ensure that the company is trustworthy, professional and is subjected to all the terms and regulations to handle your international relocation.

Do You Offer Shipment Through Customs?

A reputable international moving company always provides customs brokerage service. With increasing restrictions, the process of getting your items passed through customs has become much more difficult; it takes a ton of time and effort. No one wants their belongings stuck in the airport, and of course, your moving company should help you with that right from start to finish.

Do You Have Storage Options?

When moving abroad, you might need to temporarily store your valuable and delicate items until you find a place to settle in. Some international moving companies will offer storage services, but it’s recommended to ask before you start your global journey to make sure you won’t have to worry about the storage of your items and always have a backup plan.

Do You Have References?

Ask your company will they provide a couple of references to verify their reliability and professionalism in the field. How long have they been operational? How many international relocations have they done so far? Make sure to choose the company that has sufficient experience with international relocation.

Is Door-to-Door Shipment an Option?

Some international moving companies offer door-to-door shipping services, which means that your belongings will be transported to your desired location without arranging for an alternate facility. Inquire about what kind of shipping services they offer its customers and how they determine its charges.