We are living in the digital world meaning we have to deal with electronics very frequently. While traveling or moving several electronics, there should be a certain set of steps aiding . Electronic gadgets are expensive, delicate, and fragile. Therefore, a significant consideration has been required before packing them carefully. If you divide the packing method into simple steps, it will become an easy and exciting task.

Getting Ready for Packing

Keep in mind these few points whenever you are going to pack your appliances:

• Make a snapshot of the connections behind the electronics before unplugging them.
• Collect and save all the manuals before packing the large electronics items, just in case you may need any help.
• Shut down and Unplug all the gadgets and carefully.
• Use an air blower to remove the dust and thoroughly clean all devices.

Packing Material

If you lack the original cartons for the items, use an alternative that’s best for the device. Extra space in the storage box can damage the device and hinder the proper wrapping. Make sure you have the essential packing stuff like paper padding, bubble wrap or foam peanuts, durable wrapping tapes, scissors, and labeling stuff.

Organize the Wires

As you initiate the packing procedure first, organize and wrap all the cords attached to the gadgets. You can use color stickers or elastic bands for tying the wires. Sort them properly and store each cord in separate plastic bags. Place the wires in the boxes of the corresponding appliance.

Packing of Electronics

Before packing the electronics, deliberately remove the wall-mounted devices. Follow the manual instructions for the LCDs or LED TVs. Detach the heavy machines such as printers and sound systems. Don’t create a mess while packaging; fix it step by step one after the other. Make a separate box for small devices like CDs, USBs, and camcorders. Half fill every carton with foam peanuts and bubble wrap all the machines. You can use the Styrofoam sheets and towels to fill up the spaces.


Labeling is the most vital task that should be handled sensibly. It saves you time and eliminates the chances of misplacement. Label everything accordingly, like wires and boxes. You can use the tags to label the wires. Write on stickers and even color code if it helps lessen the confusion.

Storage Temperature

Electronic devices such as TVs, computers, and batteries are heat sensitive. The extreme temperature of the storage place can harm your possessions. Try to store the boxes in mild temperatures. You may also consult the specialist or storage facility.