Moving into a new home that you’ll have new memories and hopefully expand your family in can be an exciting time. However, it can also be stressful with all the moving parts involved. From going to a real estate agent and looking for a house to unloading that last box into the new home, it’s a whirlwind that not everyone’s is prepared for – yet!

Get A Head Start

If you close on your new house early, you may have an overlap of a few weeks before the actual move-in date. If possible, start gathering items from each room gradually so you’re not overwhelmed as you approach the date. When you start this process, take inventory of everything you have in your house and see what can wait to be packed last minute, and what isn’t used daily.


Nothing slows down the process of moving like not having the supplies that you need beforehand. It may not be a lot of items, but you’ll need an abundant amount of each supply to adequately organize.

  • Boxes – Acquire a variety of sizes to avoid overflowing large boxes that will be impossible to move when the process begins.
  • Tape/Applicator – The applicator will make securing the boxes much faster and easier than trying to cut and apply the tape with your hands, possibly leading to a huge mess.
  • Bubble Wrap – The fragile items you need to pack can’t just be thrown into the mix of everything else. With bubble wrap, you can stack plates, vases, and any other delicate belongings that would break otherwise.
  • Markers – If you have a ton of boxes going into different rooms when they reach their new location, then having permanent markers for labeling will make identifying them later a lot easier for you and the movers.

Time Everything Perfectly

Just like most industries, there is a busy season for moving companies as well. Depending on when you’re thinking about transitioning into your new humble abode can determine the rates for your move. Most residential moves are organized at the end of the month, so if possible, call Aragon Movers toward the beginning or middle of the moth to ensure the best prices for your relocation. If you would like more information about our company, please give us a call at (877) 921-5678.