Guidelines to Choose Long-Distance Movers

           Here in South Florida, we are very lucky to have hundreds of moving companies. Aragon Movers has prepared a list of long-distance moving tips and guidelines that you should look for when choosing a moving company.

           When you are looking for movers, you should look for a company that:

  1.  First and the most important! Check that the company is registered and insured. If it is not, stay away! You don’t want to risk it all for saving a couple of bucks, do you?
  2.  The second thing you need to ask the sales representative is “Are you a broker?”- Don’t book with brokers; it is as simple as that. A broker will lure you with a very low price, take a percentage from the sale called “Booking Fee” (which you can see on your quote), and then sale your job to the highest bidder. Once the actual moving company gets to perform the move, the foreman will try to charge you as much as he can.
  3. Good customer service- when talking on the phone with the sale’s representative see how nice he/she is, try to work with someone that is sympathetic to your situation and understands your difficulties and can accommodate them and help you solve the problem. (Ex: Don’t have a car and can’t buy boxes to pack- some companies offer to deliver boxes to your doorstep)
  4. Look for online reviews of former customers- anyone can write anything online, so try to look for websites that verify their reviews (Ex: HomeAdvisor). Also, try to ask your neighbors, friends, co-workers and family members maybe they have moved with them before or know someone who did, and they can tell you how their moving experience went.
  5. Honesty and straightforwardness- try to find a company that explains how the process works from beginning to end and does not try to hide details or different kind of fees. The moving industry has clear guidelines and almost all registered and insured companies work in the same way. (Most of the companies use owner operated semi-trailers for their out-of-state deliveries and don’t delivery themselves as they tell you). So, if four different companies tell you four different moving processes, probably someone is not telling you the truth.

* Long distance moves can be very expensive so to make your move cheaper for you try to choose a moving company that is closer to you to avoid fees such as mileage, fuel and travel time. Also, buy and pack your boxes yourself, and leave the wrapping of your fragile items, like T.V.s, mirrors, and pictures to the movers. That will save on the packing materials.

Moving is stressful enough, you want your moving company to make it easier not harder. Those guidelines should help you to find the right company.

Good luck!