Moving to Belgium

Moving to Belgium from South Florida? Living in Belgium comes with remarkable perks and is one of the best destinations in the European Union.

Aragon Movers of South Florida knows how to assist travelers and expats in Belgium. Not only do we have agents located worldwide, we know how to move your belongings safely and legally long-term. Take a look at what you need to know, and how Aragon Movers can help.

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Moving to Belgium – What You Need to Know

Relocating to an international location comes with paperwork and permits. You’ll need to register with the local agencies to be able to live and work in Belgium. Additionally, you’ll need to acquire these documents as well:

Required Documents

· Copy of Passport with Photograph and Signature

· Original Bill of Lading / Express Release / Airway Bill

· Certificate of Residence (Model 2)

· Letter of Employment

· Packing List

Additional Information

· Certificate of Residence is issued by local Belgian Town Hall of the city of residence

· Letter of employment from the origin country or destination country stating that the owner of the goods has been employed outside the European Union for a period of at least 12 months.

· If possible, the letter of employment from the origin country should include the beginning and ending dates of employment and beginning date of employment in Belgium.

· Any other official documents from the embassy or the Consulate at origin stating that the owner of the goods has lived outside Belgium for the past 12 months should be included.

Motor Vehicles

· Original registration card

· Certificate of insurance from origin country

· Copy of purchase invoice / sales contract / good faith declaration


· Vaccination record

· Veterinary health certificate

Residing in Belgium

The cost of living may be relatively high, particularly in the Brussels capital region. The high cost may be offset by excellent public transport, state-sponsored health insurance, extensive social security services, and rich culture.

Foreign nationals can benefit from knowing one of the country’s three languages. Belgians will likely speak either French, Dutch, or German depending on the region. However, it is possible to find English-speaking jobs as well.

As always, EU citizens have it a bit easier than United States immigrants. Not only will you face more paperwork, you’ll also need to renew your work permit yearly for at least four years. A residence permit is also required from the local municipality.

Belgian Culture

When the bureaucracy is complete, you’re able to enjoy the festive culture. Local Belgians aren’t shy about celebrating, and bars are often open 24/7.

Belgian cuisine is expansive containing everything from seafood to waffles. They’ll even contest being the true creator of French fries, or ‘frites’ in French. The various cultures lead to many shared dish ideas. However, Belgium is probably most famous for its chocolate and beer culture.

Art and history are also quite significant. Waterloo, for example, is a core part of European history. You’ll also see castles and other distinguished architecture all over the nation. It’s also home to numerous scientific and technological breakthroughs such as the Big Bang Theory, and the creation of the world wide web.

Moving to Belgium with Aragon Movers

There are many reasons to go, but only one moving company to help with your arrival in Belgium. Aragon Movers partners with the International Association of Movers to help residents of South Florida move almost anywhere in the world. Our agents stay up to date with local policy and choose the optimal methods of moving your home from A to B.

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