Moving Locally inside Florida.

When it comes to picking up a mover out of South Florida there are several factors you want to consider. Please take a look at Aragon Movers’ local moving checklist & guidelines to help you choose your moving company:

Florida movers are regulated and to ensure the accountability of the Movers the Department of Agriculture keeps a list of registered movers- the license number will always start with the letters IM and then 4 digits- Aragon moving Systems license is IM2272.

If your move is within the Tri-counties of South Florida, then an additional license is required- starts with the letters MR- Aragon Moving Systems license is MR526.

It is also important to make sure the moving company or broker you are contracting have the resources available for you when and where it is needed- Our trucks and teams are down in Florida, when we make a promise it is based on our resources in-hand so when your lease is up, or your plans are locked you can be sure that if we already have the equipment and team allocated for you.

When it comes to the planning- it is truly a local move is basically charged by the hour, however- no two residence is the same, for that reason we encourage and provide free of any charge or commitment our In-home estimate. It helps us plan our resources and meet your expectations when it comes to the quality of our service.

Now budgeting is crucial since the time of moving is demanding as it is. For that reason, we offer the In-home service, we cannot anticipate your needs simply based on your address, the estimate meeting helps us way above the list of items and with knowing the services and schedules you are facing we can offer a tailored plan and a flat price, eliminating the uncertainty in the budget planning part.

Last but not least- let’s get rational. If it is too good to be true then it probably is and we will meet a surprise down the road. There is traffic, distance and size to take into account and our moving plan take it all into account- we are here to make your move smoother and as much details, we will have the easier it gets. If a mover doesn’t have or do not care about the details than something is wrong- remember- moving IS a personal business, it is your home we are moving.