Searching for a Moving Company in Sunrise?

If you’re ready to move into Sunrise or venturing out, Aragon Movers is the company to call. We offered a variety of services for our customers to feel comfortable and cared for while on the hunt for their forever home. Certain aspects throughout the process may be tedious, but our team will walk you through every step from start to finish.

Our Services


If your expected move-in date at your new home and the day of closing on your current home don’t match up, you’re stuck in limbo. If this happens, there’s no need to worry because Aragon Movers keeps storage facilities that will house all of your belongings before moving into the Sunrise area. These services are incredibly helpful, and we offer 30 days of free storage for the majority of our long-distance moves out of our Miami location.

Cleaning Perks

A service we provide for customers before they move into their new home and after they leave their current one is a cleaning service. We know the impact on your personal life that moving can make and something as tedious as cleaning shouldn’t be the primary focus for our clients. Our services will include a team heading out to your future home to make it presentable before you arrive or stay behind when everything is out of the older residence

Packing and Unpacking

Packing up your items can be tricky if not done correctly. If the goal is to keep everything in pristine condition during transportation and for when you arrive at your home, our team can assist you. Anything can happen during transit but the packaged boxes will make the trip safely, and we’ll have the proper equipment to unload everything when we reach our destination.

Aragon Movers

Our business has been in this industry for many years. One of the biggest reasons why we’re able to be so relevant within the Sunrise community continually is by providing our customers with outstanding customer service every time they give us a call. Whether it’s moving inside or out of Sunrise, we’re ready to offer you exceptional moving and storage services for our clients.