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On the Hunt for a Moving Company in Plantation?

If you’re new to moving to Plantation and have no idea what moving company is the right one for you, stop your search because Aragon Movers is what you’re looking for. Aragon Movers came together after working in various other careers in sales and operations before we opened our moving and storage company.

Aragon Movers strives to provide expectations that go above and beyond in quality and price. Our accuracy in planning out the moves ahead of time is how we stay ahead of the curve. In Plantation, we know the city like the back of our hand and guide you during the move.

Our Services

Local Moves

Aragon Movers is based in Miami, so our local moves are within the South Florida metropolitan area. Because a local move doesn’t impose as much as an out-of-state or international adjustment, the least amount of disturbance in your everyday routine is crucial. Local moves are best calculated hourly because of the variables that could present themselves throughout the process like elevators, bumper-to-bumper traffic, and other obstacles found along the way.

International Moves

Moving to a different continent can be challenging if you’re unequipped with the right moving company. However, with Aragon Movers, we tackle these international moves with an entire team of personnel that is prepared for every task from beginning to end. We have our Ocean Transportation Intermediary License, and we’ve got you covered in the UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

Commercial Moves

A commercial move is just as significant as a residential one. Your company needs to be relocated, but there are a ton of moving parts that need sufficient adaptation. Aragon Movers can arrange a direct move if additional storage is necessary, we will store and ship according to order, and handle the logistics while you focus on your business. If your company has recently been relocated in Plantation, give us a call today for any questions or concerns.

Aragon Movers

We are the above average moving and storage company that you may have not even heard about until now, but we promise from here on in, you’ll never forget us. With our mix of new age technology and experienced team, our combination is unbeatable among the competition. Call us today with any questions, comments, or concerns when it comes to your move into our out of Plantation, Florida.