Local Moves

a family being helped by south florida local moving companies like aragon

Local moves are provided within the South Florida metropolitan area.

When you move your belongings, they are many variables to consider and even though it seems sometimes like renting a daily truck is the cheapest solution, it is not always the answer.

When moving locally, you, as a customer, will expect the least disturbance to your routine, and to have a stress-free local move, especially if the move is only one of short distance. We agree, and we at Aragon Movers are determined to make your local move as smooth as possible. We are here to help you. We at Aragon Movers are dedicated to providing for your needs and protecting your belongings.

Professional Processes, Storage in Transit, Additional Insurance if required by you or your Property management and the flexibility and Equipment to Start and finish your move to your needs.

Local move charges are usually based upon an hourly rate due to the variables incorporated in such a move, including a)elevator availability;b) to traffic conditions, and c) building or community restrictions (if any). A local move is not a simple transportation matter, yet it can be accomplished with relative ease if planed correctly.

We welcome the opportunity to come to your home to provide an in-home estimate, which will be more accurate and will allow us to offer you a proper price for our services and to help you plan your moving budget.

Why choose us?

As a privately owned and operated company, we can be flexible towards our customers’ needs, and this is why we are always welcoming the opportunity to come to your house to perform an in-home estimate. read more…