Moving to Greece

So, you’re ready to move to Greece. Not only is it known for delicious food, gorgeous scenery, and beautiful weather, but its historical significance is unparalleled. This beautiful nation is known for its stunning architecture from the Acropolis to the Parthenon. The Hellenic Republic is also historically known for its plethora of philosophers, scholars, physicians, and artists. Finally, Greece offers one of the lowest costs of living in the European Union making it a fine destination to consider moving. Aragon Moving Systems is here to assist in this exciting and difficult transition.



Preparing for an International Move to Greece

The range of documents necessary to make this international move vary depending upon who and what you will be completing the journey with. All prospective travelers will require a passport, an itemized list of packed materials, declaration forms, residence permits issued by Greek authorities, as well as others depending on your personal situation.

Other significant parts of the moving process will require paperwork as well, including your motor vehicle. You’ll need to provide Customs with ownership documents, registration, a copy of your license, and a letter verifying your employment dates. Pets can make the journey, but you’ll need vaccination and health records as well as a pet passport.

Let Trained Experts Handle the Rest

Aragon Movers understands that beginning a life in a new culture, while exciting, is stressful and difficult in its own right. Making sure that you have all the necessary paperwork and abide by the foreign country’s laws is a challenge. Afterwards, you find yourself needing a solution to overcome the hurdle of moving your belongings overseas.

Our trained experts have a plan. We work closely with the International Movers Association (IAM) which continues to operate for over 50 years. This reliable and trusted network allows Aragon Movers to get your belongings safely to an international ocean freight forward service bound for your destination. We have experts on hand ready to handle the logistics, shipping process, and connection with foreign movers to get your belongings from the vessel to your new residence. We strictly observe international rules and custom regulations so that you can make the journey stress-free.

Aragon Movers will also be there for you during the other important steps such as the unpacking process after the trek is complete. We will safely handle all unloading procedures and have your belongings stored as closely as possible to the designated location per your instructions.

Moving Internationally is an Exciting Adventure

Aragon Movers understands that the decision to move abroad is not made lightly. That’s why we want to provide quality moving services so that you are free to enjoy the journey for the joy that it can be. We pride ourselves on being the flexible, reliable moving solution. We believe that every customer and every home require unique solutions. That’s why we have the know-how to provide a variety of recommendations as well as free in-home estimates to aid you in understanding the moving process. We back up our services by proudly sharing our registrations and welcome you to reach out and share your thoughts at (877)-921-5678 or Allow Aragon Movers to handle all of your international moving needs.