Moving to Brazil

If you’re moving to Brazil, you’ve come to the right place. At Aragon Moving Systems, we’re dedicated to making moving as simple and easy as possible. Along with our local and long-distance moving services, we also offer international shipping.

Below, you’ll find a few of the reasons why Aragon Moving Systems is the best moving company for your move to Brazil.


Aragon Movers is Licensed and Insured

If you’re moving internationally, you want to go with a trustworthy moving company. This allows you to start your life in a new country off right. There are two things you need to look for when determining whether or not you can trust a moving company.

Are they licensed? If not, you shouldn’t trust them with your belongings. Licensed movers are trained to ensure they understand the responsibilities that come from moving someone else’s belongings.

You also want to make sure your moving company is insured. This shows that an insurance company trusts their skills enough to pay out a claim if anything goes wrong.

Ultimately, we’re a trustworthy company because of how long we’ve been helping the Miami company move where they want to go. This longevity shows that we’re not some fly-by-night. We’re here to stay, and we’re here for you.

Move to Brazil with a Freight Forwarder, Not a Broker

People outside the moving industry may have difficulty understanding the difference between brokers and freight forwarders, but the distinction is an important one. If you’re working with a broker, you’re not actually talking to the company that will be handling your move. Instead, you’re speaking with a salesman, who convinces you to work with them, only to sell your business to a moving company.

The broker makes money by charging you as much as possible, regardless of the level of work your moving company does for you. In this deal, no one is looking out for your best interests.

With freight forwarding, you’re working with two different companies. But this is important with international moves, as it allows you to work with companies who are specialized at making moves in their respective regions. When you hire Aragon Moving Systems, we move your belongings to the port. Once we’ve done this, your belongings are shipped to the foreign country: Brazil in this case.

We’ve partnered with a variety of international moving companies who will then bring the items straight to your door. In this case, you’re working with two different moving companies that are invested in making sure your items are brought safely to your home.

Looking to Move to Brazil from Miami?

Aragon Moving Systems is the company for you. For years, we’ve been helping people get their belongings moved locally, across the country, and even into different countries. We also offer moving services for businesses, so no matter what type of move you want to do, you can rest easy knowing that we offer that service. For a free quote on your Brazil move, call us now at (877) 921-5678 or contact us online.