Moving to Romania

Are you thinking about Moving to Romania? Living in Romania may come with some culture shock, but also a relatively low cost of living, incredible sights, excellent food and wine, and more. If you’re considering moving to one of many European countries, see all that Romania has to offer.

moving to romania to see clocktower of sighisoara

Are You Moving to Romania for Culture?

Romania is known for many things. Its Black Sea resorts offer incredible beaches, clear blue waters, and remnants of Greek culture and history. The widely known Transylvania region, which inspired the legend of Dracula, bears incredible castles, churches, and a look at the Baroque period.

It’s also home to world-famous art, Olympic-level athletes, and the second largest mountain range in Europe – the Carpathian Mountains. Romania undeniably has a unique and splendid culture for world travelers to witness.

What’s it Like for English Speakers?

Many Romanian employers require residents to speak the native language. If you speak English, you’ll need to take some time to learn Romanian. Fortunately, this language is regularly cited as the easiest foreign language for English speakers to learn.

Larger cities such as Bucharest, Cluj, or Brasov will offer more job opportunities for locals and foreigners alike. There’s also a greater potential for higher salaries to take advantage of the affordable living expenses in Romania.

What Do I Need to Move to Romania?

Every country establishes its own migration regulation and policies. Fortunately, Aragon Movers is a member of the International Association of Movers, a network of moving companies that aid individuals and companies worldwide. Here’s a breakdown of the files and information you need to successfully transition to Romania.

Documents Required

  • Copy of Passport
  • Valued Inventory of Goods
  • A work or resident permit
  • Lease agreement or rental contract
  • Letter of employment
  • Original Bill of Lading
  • Personal Declaration
  • Import Application

Specific Information

  • The personal declaration must state that the owner of the goods has owned the household goods and personal effects for at least 6 months, the goods are not intended for commercial purposes, and that the owner of the goods has lived abroad for a period of at least 12 months (template provided by agent in Romania).
  • Relief is not available from import duties for household goods belonging to natural persons transferring their secondary residence in the Customs territory of Romania.
  • An owner of the goods can be admitted free of import duties and VAT if:

Non – citizens must:

  • Transfer their main residence from another country to Romania
  • Reside outside Romania for at least 12 months
  • Goods are for personal use and cannot be sold within 2 years after Customs clearance

Moving to Romania? Call on Aragon Movers

For all the help you need in moving to Romania, Aragon Movers has solutions. We have agents worldwide that assist us in moving your goods by freighter in accordance with foreign policy. We can handle packing, transport, and unpacking of your goods at the destination. We are industry veterans who know how to get the job done right.

If you’re ready to move, give us a call today at (877)-921-5678 and schedule an appointment to get your free in-home estimate!