Moving to Egypt

Moving to Egypt means moving to the home of the last surviving wonder of the ancient world. A true bedrock of civilization, Egypt is known for its fantastic history and locales spanning from Alexandria to the Sinai Peninsula. It boasts incredible white beaches and beautiful bodies of water, such as the famous Nile River and the Red Sea. If you’re a scholar of ancient history or love incredible seaside vistas, moving to this beacon of Arabic culture is right for you.

However, facing the prospect of an international move is a daunting task. Understanding the necessary documents, paperwork, rules, and regulations of foreign governments is challenging. Also, moving your home and its belongings such a far distance from the US will be difficult if not impossible without expert consultation and assistance. Aragon Moving Systems is a team of specialists that are trained and ready to assist you with the complicated steps necessary to make the journey.

First, allow Aragon Movers to provide you with a list of vital information and materials you’ll need to make the move.

Documents / Paperwork

  • Passport
  • Egyptian resident or work permit
  • Itemized inventory of goodsmoving to egypt from florida to see karnak temple
  • Letter of guarantee for goods
  • Registration of motor vehicle (if applicable)
  • Original bill of lading
  • Vaccination records for Pets (if applicable)

 Important Information

  • All of your goods are taxable
  • All media goods will be inspected and reviewed by Customs
  • You may be charged for additional inspections
  • Wooden crates in sea containers must be fumigated
  • Letter of guarantee is only permitted with work visas
  • The inventory list must state model, brand, size, and content for electrical items
  • Pets will be examined by a doctor from the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture

When moving to a country with stricter laws and regulations regarding incoming passengers and goods, it’s helpful to have a team of trained experts to assist you. Aragon Movers is not only licensed and certified to help but is also a proud partner of the International Association of Movers, which has proudly assisted clients for over 50 years and serviced over 170 countries. Aragon Moving Systems and its friends at IAM operate by a strict code of ethics that promotes and guarantees honesty and integrity in the services we provide to you.

Make the Move with Aragon

If left with any room for doubt, consider reviewing our testimonials. Aragon Movers provide excellent services with community happiness and security in mind. We understand that every family requires unique moving solutions and are happy to offer free on-site estimates. Call on Aragon Moving Systems today at (877)-921-5678.