Moving to Israel

Thinking about moving to Israel? Making a transition out of the United States is difficult when you’ve got belongings to move.

Nevertheless, Israel is a country of deep spiritual belief. Many make a pilgrimage just to see this holy land. That’s why we’re going to help you understand the process of emigrating to Israel, what you might expect while living there, and how Aragon Movers can help make it happen.

panorama of jerusalem you can see when moving to israel

Moving to Israel Made Easy

Since you’ll no longer be in the United States, a new set of law and policy will be in place. To help simplify the process of dealing with customs, here is some useful information you should be aware of:

Required Documents

· Valid Passport

· Express Release Bill of Lading

· Packing List in English

· Proof of Residence

· Residence Visa

· Invoices for New Items

· Rental Contract / Lease Agreement

· Israeli Customs Forms

Important Information to Know

· Only items for personal use are permitted for import.

· The valued inventory should be in Hebrew, and should include values of all items, giving make, serial number and appliance manufacturer’s name, whether used or new and sizes for all fabric items (provided by D/A).

· Duty-free entry for household goods and personal effects (if applicable).

· The number of duty-free shipments is limited to three (3) for new immigrants only.

· New immigrants are entitled to the tax-free importation of household effects as well as personal effects.In order to utilize this privilege, the owner of the goods must present the immigration booklet (Teudat Oleh).

· If the owner of the goods did a formal export when leaving Israel (e.g., via a certified international mover or freight forwarder) and the original export documents are found in that company’s archives, then all items on the export list matching the import list can be imported tax free (Israelis living abroad for less than 2 years).

· Only one of each type of electrical appliance is permitted.

· Once Israeli Customs stamps the passport with “returning Israeli,” the owner of the goods may import one of each item for household goods / personal effects, and appliances tax free.

· Televisions and computers are allowed to import up to 2 for each device.

· Applicable for returning citizens and new immigrants only.

Living in Israel

The cost of living tends to be high, especially in Tel Aviv, in comparison to the United States. However, the job market is strong for talented, well-educated workers. Learning Hebrew to a usable extent will also help your prospects. However, natives often speak English and Arabic as well.

Jewish persons are able to become Israeli citizens under the Law of Return. For all others, the process takes between five and seven years. In the meantime, you’ll need to apply for your work permits, and your employer will need to apply for a work visa on your behalf.

Israel is the center of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. As a result, this nation is a deeply spiritual place that actively practices and respects tradition. Take care to be respectful of all religious practices that may occur around you during your time in Israel.

Moving to Israel with Aragon Movers

Moving to Israel from South Florida? Aragon Movers has the information and the moving power. We have experts ready to assist you today, starting with a free in-home estimate for the move. We’ll explain how our agents will get your belongings from your current home, across the sea, and to your new one.

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