Looking for a Moving Company in Lighthouse Point?

Before anyone makes a move from their current home to their newest one, a reasonable amount of research should be considered to get the ball rolling. Our clients in Lighthouse Point should receive expert work that is high-quality, reputable, and trustworthy. Your belongings are safe in our hands because we take every possible measure to prevent problems from arising.

Our Services

Lighthouse PointVehicle Transportation

Although we don’t provide transportation service out of Lighthouse Point personally, we can provide our customers with a third-party company that will ship your car anywhere within the United States. We will offer low competitive rates for automotive transportation as a portion of your move.

Storage Services

For even local moves out of Lighthouse Point, we offer short-term storage services for extreme flexibility throughout the entire moving process. This service allows homeowners to prioritize what they need immediately and what can wait inside a storage unit until further notice. For temporary storage, we offer 30 days free of charge for our customers while they become acclimated to their newest location.

International Moves

The first and last mile of an international move is the most critical. For such a major step, it’s imperative to have a move manager that’s reputable and utilizes a reliable freight forwarder and agent. The size of the load will be a significant factor to consider when discussing the price of the overall process. Clients should research ahead of time to know all the terms they need to abide by.

Aragon Movers

a man providing Lighthouse Point Moving Company ServicesBecause we are a privately owned and operated business, we can be as flexible as necessary to provide the ultimate experience for our customers. Along with our above-listed services, we also offer cleaning services, packing and unpacking capabilities, and intrastate moves, etc. If any of our Lighthouse Point customers have any more questions about our business and what we do, please give us today a call at (305) 509-6488.