Moving to New Zealand

Are you moving to New Zealand soon? Are you aware of what life in New Zealand is like?

Aragon Movers of South Florida successfully networks with trusted movers worldwide to help you get anywhere in the world. Below, you’ll read more about living in New Zealand, and why we are the most trusted mover around.

moving to new zealand will allow you to see this aerial view of Lyttelton Port


Moving to New Zealand – Relax and Enjoy the Climate

Thanks to popular media, the beautiful scenery of New Zealand is no secret. The temperature stays far more balanced year-round compared to the United States. Everywhere you go, you’ll find beaches, mountains, forests, rivers, and more.

You’ll have time to enjoy it as well, as New Zealand employers believe in working hard, but promise a good balance of living as well. If you’re someone who wants to live and work equally, this is your destination.

Work in New Zealand

The larger cities such as Auckland and Wellington have high costs of living, but also offer the best chance at a job offer. The language barrier isn’t so much of a problem as New Zealand speaks English as a primary language.

An employer-sponsored visa allows you to work and live in the area. The New Zealand immigration department actually provides a skill shortages list that details areas of the job market for employers and prospective employees. They also have fairly good rail travel between major cities, and reliable bus systems to get you most other places.

Do You Have Your Passport Information?

New Zealand immigration embassies require specific documents and lists when moving there. Here is a quick list of useful information brought to you by our network, the International Association of Movers:

Documents Required

· Copy of Passport

· Original Bill of Lading

· Treatment / Cleaning Certificates for the Shipment Goods

· Detailed Inventory Valued and in English

· Copy of Prescriptions for Prescribed Drugs

· Receipts for New Items

· List of Wine Collections with Evidence Showing the Wine Has Been Collected Over a Period of Time

· Residence Visa / Residence Permit if Applicable

· Work Visa / Work Permit

Specific Information

· Household goods can be imported free of duty and tax (GST) if imported by a person who has arrived in New Zealand, and has one of the following

· New Zealand / Australian passport

· New Zealand residence visa / permit

· Returning resident visa / permit

· New Zealand work visa / permit issued for a minimum of 12 months

· Permanent resident visa

· Returning resident visa issued by the government of the Commonwealth of Australia

· Work visa / permit (minimum of 12 months / skilled migrant / long-term business visa / permit)

· Visitor visa / permit issued for a minimum of 3 years

For continued detailed information, check out the extensive list by the International Association of Movers here.

Moving to New Zealand with Aragon Movers

Aragon Moving Systems can handle the logistics of international moves. Our network has agents in over 170 countries with knowledge of shipping and international policy. We start the process by providing a flat-rate free in-home estimate with no obligation. We’ll find you the best shipping method to get your items overseas safely.

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