Moving to Denmark

Are you having thoughts about moving to Denmark? Danish society is extremely friendly to English speakers. They greatly value higher education, work-life balance, public transport, and health insurance for all. If you’re looking for work in Denmark, you’ll have no issue finding a job. Denmark is undoubtedly among the best of Nordic countries to reside in.

What is Denmark Known For?

Denmark is rich in Scandinavian history. There is no shortage of Viking museums, culture, and artifacts for discovery. It also holds a history of architectural vistas such as the Kronborg Castle or Fredensborg Palace in Copenhagen.

What’s Danish Society Like?

moving to denmark copenhagen the nyhavn canal

The Danish people proudly exhibit a society of human togetherness. While most citizens speak the Danish language, they also frequently speak Faroese, Greenlandic, German, and English. EU citizens frequently come to schools in Denmark with student visas due to the wonderful learning opportunities.

The cost of living in Denmark is higher compared to the United States. Copenhagen ranks as one of the more expensive cities in the world. However, the quality and standards of living are relatively high to make up for it. Companies are frequently looking to recruit skilled workers from foreign countries, and that goes a long way in helping you find a job in Denmark.

What Paperwork Does Danish Customs Require?

Moving to a foreign country can sometimes come with a daunting amount of required documentation. Each customs agency has their own policies clearly defined for specific reasons. Aragon Movers and the International Association of Movers are happy to provide some useful information about the Danish Process

Required Documents

  • Passport
  • Bill of Lading
  • Packing List in English
  • Detailed Inventory if You’re Packing Alcohol

Important Information

  • All household goods shipments arriving by sea, air, rail, or road must be cleared through Customs at the port of entry.
  • Those coming from non-European Union countries, household goods which have been owned and used for a minimum of 6 months and intended for owner of the goods’ use, may be imported duty free by any person taking up residence in Denmark.
  • Returning citizens must have lived outside the EU for minimum 12 months to qualify for the duty-free importation of household goods; verification from an employer or authorities abroad may be required.
  • The owner of the goods must be registered as a resident with the Danish authorities prior to Customs clearance and the goods must be imported within 12 months of the owner of the goods’ arrival.

Consider Moving to Denmark with Aragon Movers

Aragon Movers of South Florida are industry veterans in the moving industry. We have agents in the United States and abroad to assist you with your relocation to Denmark. Our technicians will handle the packing of goods, delivery to sea or air transport, and receive your materials at the destination. The International Association of Movers has over 60 years of experience helping international movers. Let us help you today by calling us at (877)-921-5678 to schedule your free in-home estimate!