Specialty Moving

Are you looking for a professional moving company that particular offers specialty moving services like transporting large equipment like one-of-a-kind art or valuable antiques? Then, you are in the right place! Aragon Movers offers specialty moving for various items, so our customers can receive all the moving services they need in one convenient location.

Specialty Moving Services

With years of experience in the industry, we are your reliable and honest partner that has expertise in handling all kinds of specialty moving services for your personal or business needs. We take pride in ourselves on being able to address the unique requirements of your relocation with our customized services. Many items can fall under the “specialty” category, but years of practice and acquired skill has allowed us to master the maneuvering of almost anything.

After gathering a complete list of all your specialty items, our team will take the time to review everything and give an accurate quote before the move starts. Keeping clients informed about the price, our capabilities, and equipment is how we’ve stayed ahead of the curve within this industry. Depending on the items you have, some custom crating might be needed to conform to that specific shape without causing damage. Protecting the packages requires certain knowledge that our team has acquired to give you the ultimate peace of mind when trusting us with your belongings.

Specialty Moving Services

Services We Offer

We offer the following Specialty Moving services:

• Precious Heirlooms
• Automobiles
• Safes
• Pianos
• Fine Art
• Paintings
• Sculptures

Aragon Movers

We understand that moving is about much more than just transporting your belongings. Moving is a life-changing event that can be made easier or more difficult depending on the company you choose to help you out. Aragon Movers does everything to make the process as seamless and comfortable as possible. From quotes after a thorough inventory list to loading heavy-duty items, we offer everything we can to our valuable customers. Our movers and employees are highly skilled to get the job done for you promptly and efficiently. For your peace of mind, we are licensed and insured making sure that you’re covered in the likely event of a mishap.