Lauderdale Lakes Movers

It’s time for you and your family to relocate to your brand-new home in Lauderdale Lakes. Everyone is super excited, but there isn’t a local moving company around to help you out. No need to worry, because as long as Aragon Movers is in business, you have access to one of the most reputable moving companies throughout South Florida.

Lauderdale Lakes Professional Movers Florida

Our Moving Services

Local, Interstate and International Moves  – The price of our moves varies with each distance, but we provide high-quality service at a competitive cost. Causing the least disturbance to your daily routine is a huge part of making a move successful. Our long-distance and international moves are usually planned to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch.

Commercial Moves  – When it comes time to upgrade your company to a large workspace across the town of Lauderdale Lakes, you’ll need a moving company that has the capabilities to make the transition as smooth as possible. Lucky for business owners, Aragon Movers has an expert team in Lauderdale Lakes providing solutions for commercial moves.

Storage  – For our long-distance moves, we provide 30 days of free storage out of our Miami location. People have the option to pack up their belongings, place them into one of our units, and if needed, we’ll arrange transportation directly to your home. Our long-term options allow homeowners to hold their items in the unit while they’re going through remodeling, downsizing, or relocating out of the city for an extended period.

Aragon Movers

Professional Movers in Lauderdale LakesWe have something for everyone to make the process of moving as smooth as possible. We’ve been able to stay in business for many years because we come through for our customers at any cost. Our Lauderdale Lakes, homeowners are in for a treat every time they give us a call at (877) 921-5678. If you have any more questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out to us! We’re happy to assist you.