Why Choose Us?

There are a lot of moving companies in South Florida. There might even be one within walking distance of your house. But you don’t want just a regular run-of-the-mill South Florida moving and storage company. The things in your house are important lifelong artifacts, family heirlooms, your children’s firsts, your parent’s lasts and all the other things you just can’t let go of. You need a moving company that cares about your things as much as you do.

So why choose us? At Aragon Moving Systems, we are a family business, and we believe that when it comes to the household industry, it is more than just packing, loading and transporting freight. We believe in being safe, reliable, and honest, because that’s the kind of movers we would want to have, and that’s the kind of movers we strive to be.

Aragon Moving Systems (AMS) is also a young company, which means that we use all the latest technologies in safety to keep your household items safe and secure. However, we also have tons of experience in household goods, supply chain management, warehousing, packing, and shipping, not only for local, but also international transfers.

We have one goal in mind, to provide the best service possible with affordable pricing. That’s why we offer flat prices at reasonable rates. We know that moving is a lot of pressure and can be a life-changing event, which is why we try our hardest to reduce your burden as much as possible by always being on time, and by offering flat affordable prices so that you can stay focused on the things most important to you.

AMS is also a Core Member of the International Association of Movers (IAM) and has been recognized as excellent commercial and residential movers. Being a member of IAM gives us immense pride as we partner with reputable companies who are spread across the globe and make sure that customers are in the good, valuable and trusted hands of Aragon Moving Systems.

We also have an amazing and dedicated team of reliable, honest and uniformed workers who have been put through extensive background checks so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. Our staff is also intimately familiar with Ft. Lauderdale. From Knoll Ridge to Sunset we’ll pick you up and drop you off wherever you may need to go.

Apart from our local corps at AMS we also have an international corps that specializes in shipping overseas. Shipping internationally can be an incredible hassle, so besides providing you with quality overseas shipping, we also provide end-to-end services so that your moving is done quickly and efficiently. This means dealing with language barriers, customs regulations and acting in precise coordination and punctuality. Our customers receive expert guidance from a team of international movers who have helped more than thousands of people through moving and packaging; people who you could trust with all the formalities and details, and who can deliver your shipment safely.

Deciding on a reputed and quality moving company is an important choice for you. The company you choose needs to have tons of experience and needs to be honest, reliable and care for your goods as much as you do. Each day movers at AMS help relocating firms and homeowners to new places and new experiences, and tomorrow maybe we can help you too.

Write an E-mail: Accountmanager@aragonmovers.com