Long-Distance Moves

A long-distance move may end within 250 miles of Miami or 3000 miles away, and each requires a different arrangement.

The most important thing to remember is that, once your belongings are on a truck, heading to your new location, it is usually costly to change plans, and it is better to initiate the transportation stage only when you are certain that you are settled in your new location.

The Basics of a move plan are really all about the planning:

a) The first mile: pick up your belongings, prepare them for shipping, and have them ready for transportation.
b) Transportation: Load your belongings into their designated transport vehicle, safely secured and all inventory accounted for.
c) Last mile: Unload your belongings at your new residence or office, assemble and stage your home or office, make sure all your needs were met, and that your belongings made it safely to their destination.

It sounds like a big project, and indeed it is, and we are here to assist you.

We will learn about your needs, and advise you with a recommended move solution for you, based on our own Trucks or our contractors or affiliates.

Depending upon your final location and timetable, we will either move you into our storage or “live load” your belongings onto a truck or another transportation method.

Please contact us to learn more, or schedule an in-home estimate.

Why choose us?

As a privately owned and operated moving company, we can be flexible towards our customers’ needs, and this is why we are always welcoming the opportunity to come to your house to perform an in-home estimate. read more…