Moving to Iceland

Moving to Iceland is definitely something to consider if you are someone who cannot get enough of nature. Iceland boasts a diverse range of locales and sights to see such as the incredible Mount Esja near Reykjavik, to the crystal-clear aurora borealis in the later months. It’s also known for its lovely natural hot springs. Despite its name, Iceland’s winter months are fairly relatable coming from the US, and its springs and summers stay crisp with particularly long daylight hours.

Whether you’re moving to behold nature’s majesty or for its forward-thinking political climate, making the transition to Iceland is going to come with a variety of potential moving challenges. Aragon Movers specialize in not only handling the physical labor of seeing your belongings make the journey, but also assist in providing information and solutions to ensure your journey is stress-free.

While we handle the heavy lifting, we want to provide you with quick facts regarding the documents and effects necessary for traveling to Iceland.

What You’ll Needmoving to iceland from florida to see aurora borealis

  • Copy of Passport
  • Itemized inventory of goods
  • Original bill of lading (outline of your cargo’s journey)
  • Duty exemption registration (if this applies)
  • Title of vehicle (if you’re bringing one)
  • Insurance certificate
  • Letter indicating employment in Iceland

Items Subject to Restriction

  • Tobacco & Alcohol
  • Communications equipment
  • Weapons
  • Animals
  • Medicines (Be prepared to provide proof of prescription)

 With all of your important documentation gathered, call on Aragon Moving Systems to assist you with the rest. Moving your belongings across such an impressive distance requires extensive logistics planning, scheduling, and understanding of international policies and laws regarding freight. International moves are typically handled by way of ocean freighters that comes with their own unique requirements and regulations.

Aragon Movers is a proud partner of the International Movers Association which has over 50 years of experience and serves more than 170 countries. IAM plays a pivotal role in making Aragon Movers a capable and successful business that can handle all of your international moving needs. We will oversee the process of packing and unpacking all of your goods as well as seeing it to and from an international ocean freight forwarding service.

Aragon Movers also handles the process of connecting with agents at the destination. We are proudly licensed and certified to handle all steps of the process. Rest assured that all of your goods are safe in our hands. It’s our guarantee.

Nature is waiting. Call Aragon Movers today at (877)-921-5678 to begin discussing your moving options today. We even offer free in-home estimates and promise to provide you with the fairest and most ethical prices available. Make Aragon Moving Systems your go-to international moving source.