Moving to Russia

The largest country in the world, Russia is home to the famous Basil Cathedral on the Red Square, the coldest inhabited town Oymyakon, top-shelf vodka, and being home to the first man to enter space in 1961.

Russia is a surprisingly diverse nation, but also one of the more difficult places to embark on an international move. If you’re considering making the impressive journey to accept an employment opportunity or to start a new chapter, you’re going to need a certified team of moving experts on your side.

Aragon Moving Systems is trained to make the process as easy and as understandable as possible. We start the process by offering free in-home estimates to assess approximately what it will take to relocate your home to a new nation. We will provide you with the possible moving and storage solutions, allowing you to keep items in our facilities for up to 30 days completely free.

Aragon Movers will then safely pack and transport your items to a freight forwarding company. Your goods will likely be stored in crates aboard an ocean freighter that will make the long journey. We work as a proud partner of the International Association of Movers, which assists us in connecting with reputable agents throughout the process. All partners are trained experts who work to ensure that your goods make it to their point of destination, looking just as they did when leaving your home.

While Aragon Moving Systems handles the problematic logistics of moving, we can help educate you as to what information and documents are necessary on your end to help ensure a safe and successful move. Here is a quick list on behalf of the IAM to help keep you up to date on what you need:

Required Documents

  • Passport
  • Itemized packing list
  • Bill of lading
  • Customs declaration forms
  • Letter of employment
  • Copy of work visa (if applicable)
  • Power of attorney
  • Registration with the Federal Immigration Services (non-accredited individuals)

 Important Information

  • Customs duty is EUR 4/kg or 30% of value for shipmentsmoving to russia from florida to see the kremlin
  • Payment is only accepted in rubles to the Federal Custom Service
  • All shipments are subject to customs duties
  • Inventory must include value, dimensions, author, year, the period for art as well as materials used
  • A declaration form is required for unaccompanied baggage that must be stamped and signed by Customs
  • A Power of attorney must be done at a Russian notary
  • Letters of employment must be company letter to Russian authorities
  • Owner of goods will have to pay more to prevent exchange rate differences

 Simplify it with Aragon Movers

While the paperwork and processes can be daunting in their own right, Aragon Movers specialize in handling the heavy lifting. Our trained and reliable team handles all loading and unloading, getting your goods as close to the desired area in your domicile as possible. Feel free to consult our testimonials to see what other customers have had to say about their experiences with us. Call us today at (877)-921-5678 or email at to start the process by getting your free in-home estimate.