Need a Moving Company in Lauderhill?

Our team knows how to navigate around the city of Lauderhill without a problem. Whether you’re moving back into your hometown or a first-time homeowner, Aragon Movers will help make the entire process as seamless as possible from packaging and cleaning to storage and unloading.

Our Services

Intrastate Moves

If you aren’t familiar with this type of move, it’s just a move within the current state that you’re residing in. For Florida mainly, the state is extended and requires a moderate amount of planning. We are more than happy to deliver your items straight to your new home, or we can put them into a storage area while you find your footing and unload them whenever you’re ready.

Commercial Moves

If you have a company that is continuously expanding and you feel it’s time to relocate your business within Lauderhill, Aragon Movers is ready for the job. We will take care of all the logistics and behind-the-scenes action from packing up to any additional storage so you can focus on getting your business affairs in order.


More often than not, the house you lived in before and the new home you’re relocating to in Lauderhill will need a little bit of tidying. Cleaning an entire house is a hassle within itself and having to do it twice during a move is a heavy burden. Luckily, Aragon Movers offers a cleaning service at a low competitive price for our customers.

Aragon Movers

Our family-owned moving and storage company have years of experience in moving residents in and out of Lauderhill. We want to continue to be one of the leading businesses in the industry in South Florida. That will remain the case as long as keep making our customers our priority and a part of our family. If you have any more comments, questions, or concerns, please call our office today!