Moving to Portugal

Are you moving to Portugal soon? Becoming a foreign citizen is already a culture shock before you consider transporting belongings.

If you’re planning to move abroad, let Aragon Movers describe what it’s like living in Portugal, and what we can do to improve the relocation process.

Moving to Portugal from South Florida

moving to portugal to see the douro river cityscape

Portugal is quickly rising amongst nations with the highest-rated quality of life. The cost of living is also relatively low compared to neighboring European countries. American expats will find it easy to live in the country as locals are quite friendly and eager to practice speaking English.

Residents will also enjoy free basic healthcare, international schools, comparatively low real estate costs, and more. However, you’ll ultimately need to learn some Portuguese to help your job prospects. Highly valued skills generally lie in technology and finance. Many United States citizens choose Portugal as a place to retire thanks to its Golden Visa program. This only requires individuals to stay 7 days out of a year to maintain their visa.

Get Ahead of the Bureaucracy

Just like any other nation, Portugal has a specific list of necessary paperwork and rules. Below, we’ve provided a list from out network that describes what you’ll need when moving to Portugal.

Required Documents

· Original Color Passport

· Copy of Visa

· Inventory List

· TAX Card Copy

· Baggage Certificate

· Residence Certificate

· Declaration as per European Union Regulations

· Original Bill of Lading

· Photocopy of Air Ticket

· Proof of Application for Residence Permit

Specific Information

· The original passport must state the place of residence abroad.

· Photocopy of air ticket or declaration must include details (date of arrival, etc.).

· The baggage certificate, “Certificado de Bagagem,” must state that all the items are used and have been in the owner of the goods’ possession for more than 6 months (do not show values).

· The baggage certificate must state that the owner of the goods has been living in the origin country for more than 12 months.

· Residence certificate “Atestado de Residencia” can be obtained in the Parish Council by the owner of the goods’ residence area in Portugal; it must state that the owner of the goods is living at the new address for no longer than 4 months.

· If the owner of the goods is not a citizen of the origin country, proof of residency for a period of at least 12 months is required; this can be proven through a photocopy of identity card, certificate issued by the Portuguese Consulate or employment contract from the origin country.

· Transferees must be present for Customs clearance and must provide an exact date of arrival in Portugal.

Moving to Portugal the Aragon Movers Way

Whether you plan on working in Portugal or retiring, Aragon Moving Systems will handle the move. Our long-time experts assist with international moves to over 170 countries. We’ve served thousands of long-distance travelers and get their belongings overseas with the most efficient, reliable transport methods available.

If you’re ready to move to Portugal, give us a call to get started with a free in-home estimate. Contact us today at (877)-921-5678.