Packing / UnPacking Services

packing and unpacking services

Aragon Movers will provide a crew to perform packing and unpacking services for any move – depending on your needs.

Whether you move inside the U.S.(on-shore or offshore, via steamship or air freight), you have multiple options when it comes to transportation.

How your belongings are packed, sorted and stacked will make a significant difference when you receive them at your destination.

We will advise, concerning the right method to pack, and will ensure our that team arrives with the right material, and pre-ordered crates, or harnessing devices when needed.

When unloading, our teams will be prepared with the proper equipment and advice.

Upon your request, we can provide more specialized services,above industry standards, such as: a) delivering your belongings to “first flat surface”, i.e. having your boxes unpacked as close as possible to their permanent storage location, or; b)“full packing”, i.e.organizing and placing all your belongings at their permanent storage location.

Both options include disposal by our team of the used packing materials at a recycling facility, leaving your home or business site ready for occupation, and free of unwanted rubbish.

Why choose us?

As a privately owned and operated moving company, we can be flexible towards our customers’ needs, and this is why we are always welcoming the opportunity to come to your house to perform an in-home estimate. read more…