International Moving to Spain

If you’re planning to move to Spain from the US and worried about customs regulations, Aragon Movers is an experienced and well-known mover that can facilitate their clients’ needs throughout the process. Spain is well known for its rich cultural and historic architecture, and it’s high on the list of countries to visit for tourists.

Spain is famous for its weather, Spanish food, Spain, and tomato festival and being a rather sunny place overall. For moving to this beautiful country, you must need the services of an experienced moving company who make your journey pleasant and give you a piece of mind. We’ll help you with every step and offer assistance for goods shipping and overseas moving services you require.

a picture from spain for those who are moving to spain from the us Documents Required for Entry

• Original of passport
• Residence Visa
• Fiscal identification number (N.I.E.)
• Detailed inventory, valued and signed in Spanish
• Spanish resident card/work permit
• Original bill of lading (O.B.L.) / air waybill (A.W.B.)

Goods are owned and used by the owner of the goods for a minimum of 6 months. The shipment is imported into Spain within 12 months after the owner of the goods arrival.


Keep all the documentation for your vehicle(s) and pet(s) close by throughout this process. If your vehicle is making the trip with you, you’ll need the original purchase invoice and documentation, registration, and insurance. If you have a pet and they’re coming along for this next adventure in life, be sure to go to the vet beforehand to receive all the right paperwork. You may need to provide documentation for vaccinations, any medication they may be taking, etc.

Prohibited and Restricted Items

Our customs agent in Spain will be more than knowledgeable about all the dos and donts of when moving into this beautiful country, but for now, we’ll let you know exactly what should and shouldn’t be within your inventory.

As with most travels, there are restrictions on the items you’re allowed to bring into the country. Although there are countries that maintain stricter policies than others, it’s best to keep in mind the laws of Spain before relocating your life to this exciting new location! Some of those belongings include firearms, narcotics, etc.

Aragon Movers

We’re the most reliable and trustworthy moving company which is committed to providing great services at affordable rates and in every step of your overseas relocation. We aim to help you to make your journey comfortable and, and all your belongings reached on time without any damage or missing.

Our agents in Spain are well familiar with the customs regulations of the country. For further details feel free to contact any time and discuss your overseas move with one of our moving specialist. We have a proud history of providing exceptional services to our clients for many years.